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Why install tracking devices on containers
Aug 26,2022


Hapag-Lloyd announced that the first real-time tracking devices have now been installed on dry cargo containers at the CMR warehouse in Williamsburg, Hamburg, Germany, the first step in the company’s project to equip its entire dry cargo container fleet with IoT (Internet of Things). )equipment.


Installations will begin in other selected container yards in northern and southern Europe, Asia and the Middle East in the coming weeks and months, while up to 200 yards worldwide will be involved in the next year, standard There are 1.6 million of these devices in the box.

Containers with tracking devices are now fully visible to us as they leave our warehouse, and next, our customers can see it too – whether they are in the warehouse or moving on a truck, train or barge.


Greater transparency has the potential to improve management of strained supply chains for the benefit of customers. Some container shipping companies have pointed out that the tracking device will be able to transmit data from each container in real time, making the supply chain more transparent and efficient.


During the first rollout phase, it is important to streamline all processes together with our IoT partners to realize the full potential of the technology.


Our goal is to get this product fast for our customers as they need and increasingly expect these digital solutions.


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