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Corporate news
New foreign trade regulations on June.2020
May 30,2020

1 / new regulations on the export of epidemic prevention materials

The export of six kinds of epidemic prevention materials, including masks, through market procurement and trade, has been suspended


According to yiwu city business bureau issued "moratorium on market purchasing export notification of materials for the specific epidemic prevention", since May 10, a nationwide moratorium on market purchasing export trade way will be coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, breathing machine, infrared thermometer and other medical supplies and non surgical masks and epidemic prevention (hereinafter referred to as "5 + 1 class epidemic prevention materials").


According to the circular, since May 2 this year, those who falsify or conceal the export of the said materials will be given strict punishment.Among them, for the market procurement trade managers, the industry credit directly deducted to zero points, the market procurement trade managers cancelled the record registration, deducted the trade reward of the quarter 50%;For the goods of the market procurement trade group, the industry credit is directly deducted to zero, the registration of the goods of the market procurement group is cancelled, and the enterprise legal person is forbidden to register the goods of the group again within one year;For general trade export enterprises, the industry credit directly deducted to zero points, 2020 general trade export award deducted 50%.


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02. The special action plan for the quality control of products of epidemic prevention materials and market order was issued


On May 13, market supervision administration of seven departments issued by the national epidemic prevention material product quality and market order rectification action plan "notice, notice, points out that of masks, protective clothing, breathing machine, infrared thermometer (forehead temperature gun), will be coronavirus detection reagent 5 kinds of epidemic prevention materials and important raw and auxiliary materials such as strengthening supervision, security and epidemic prevention materials industry chain running smoothly.


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The state administration for market regulation announced 63 state-approved inspection and testing agencies for medical supplies for epidemic prevention


On May 22, the state administration for market regulation updated the list of 63 inspection and testing institutions of medical devices and epidemic prevention supplies with state-level qualification.In addition, there are 253 inspection and testing institutions of epidemic prevention supplies that have obtained the qualification of the provincial market supervision department. The specific list will be published by the market supervision bureaus (departments and commissions) of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and xinjiang production and construction corps.


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Detailed rules for the implementation of spot check on the quality supervision of non-medical mask products


On May 22, the state administration for market regulation announced the detailed rules for the implementation of spot checks on the quality of non-medical masks.


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The FDA revoked the export licenses of N95 masks from about 60 Chinese manufacturers


The us food and drug administration (FDA) said on Tuesday it was revoking the licences of about 60 Chinese manufacturers to sell N95 face masks in the us because their masks did not provide sufficient protection against novel coronavirus.The FDA said tests found that some masks failed to achieve the minimum 95 percent efficiency of particle filtration.


On May 22, the FDA updated the number of Chinese mask manufacturers to 16.


A detailed list of the latest 16 Chinese companies can be found here:


Canada has blacklisted dozens of Chinese mask manufacturers


On May 10, Canada's federal Health department warned dozens of companies in China about KN95 masks, after recent tests by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that some KN95 masks "failed to meet filtration standards that prevent 95 percent of minute particles."


On May 11, health Canada continues to mask KN95 updates, says it has imported a do not accord with standard of performance requirements may mask the importers and distributors of inform its customers and back label, to show that although these masks may not meet the requirements of the frontline staff are standard, but they still can be used as a mask.The masks are not banned from the market.


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07. Canada exempted some import tariffs of medical products


On May 6, the Canadian government announced tariff relief for some imported medical products.The imported products benefiting include medical masks, gloves, protective clothing, disinfectants, wet wipes and other protective products, disinfection and sterilization materials, as well as some medical supplies.


Brazil suspended import duties on 394 products


Gecex (Gecex) continued to announce resolution 33, which exempted the import duties on 81 items of medical supplies and materials, including respiratory equipment and other medical equipment parts and materials.


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In order to combat covid-19, including resolutions 17, 22, 28, 31 and 32 since March 17, 2020, the ministry of economic affairs of Brazil has temporarily exempted import duties on 394 products. For specific duty-free products, please return to "Brazil" after paying attention to the subscription number "focusvision".


In addition, to facilitate mask manufacturers to enjoy duty-free import of machinery and equipment, Gecex also announced resolution 34, adjusting the temporary tariff exemption products.


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On May 23, the Brazilian ministry of economic affairs foreign trade executive agency announced that, from the same day to delete part of the non-tariff production of capital communications products, new projects include digital printer, temperature resistant rubber belt and solar module.


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However, please note that the 12 container ships from China to Brazil between may and July have been cancelled. Please be sure to confirm the booking of space.


09. Bangladesh has suspended all taxes on some supplies for epidemic prevention


In order to prevent the spread of covid-19, the Bangladesh national tax office will cancel all taxes on the following epidemic prevention supplies by the end of June.These include: isopropyl alcohol, covid-19 testing agents, covid-19 diagnostic instruments, 3-layer surgical masks, protective clothing made of plastic film, plastic masks, surgical or medical protective clothing, medical protective equipment, protective glasses and goggles.


The inland revenue department announced in early may that all transactions involving the local production, trade and supply of protective clothing and medical masks would be exempted from VAT by the end of June.


10. Dominica suspended import duties on some medical protective equipment


According to dominica news online on May 18, the prime minister of dominica announced on May 17 that he would waive import duties and VAT on disinfectants, cleaning supplies, protective equipment and masks for six months.


11. The import of medical supplies that could be produced domestically was prohibited in Iran


Iran "IFPnews" reported on May 13, acting minister hussein Mr. Les shia talabani said recently that in order to support and encourage domestic production, industrial and mining ministry refused to approve the import in the domestic production of medical supplies, and domestic N95 masks, protective clothing and coronavirus detection kit has been approved by the unlimited exports, to support domestic producers and meet the demand of foreign resistance to disease.



2 / self-printing scope of co (cepa) expanded

According to notice of the general administration of customs no. 63 2020 (notice on expanding the scope of self-printing co (cepa)), from 11 May 2020, the following three types of co (cepa) will be added to the existing 15 types of self-printing co (cepa) certificates:


Certificate of origin (for export to Indonesia) of china-asean comprehensive economic cooperation framework agreement

Certificate of origin of china-asean comprehensive economic cooperation framework agreement (caep) (exported to Singapore)

03. Asia-pacific trade agreement co (cepa) (exported to India)


Other matters shall be subject to notice no. 77 of the general administration of customs in 2019.


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3 / latest support measures of safe

The state administration of foreign exchange (safe) issued a circular on May 20 to support the development of new forms of trade, so as to facilitate the handling of foreign exchange business, better support the development of cross-border e-commerce and other new forms of trade, and improve the quality and efficiency of foreign trade.The notice shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation.


According to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on support trade development of new forms of notice, the safe will widen the channel of the trade settlement of the new forms, and support eligible by the trading of electronic information bank to handle foreign exchange business, facilitate cross-border electricity export business capital settlement, cross-border electricity can be outside the expenses for warehousing, logistics, tax and export differential settlement.


The notice optimizes the cross-border tax payment agent for cross-border e-commerce. Enterprises can provide customers with cross-border tax payment agent for warehousing, logistics, tax payment and so on.Individuals can handle foreign exchange settlement under cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade through foreign exchange accounts to meet their needs for foreign trade settlement.


In terms of improving the fund settlement of market procurement trade, the circular proposes that the bank can handle the collection and settlement of foreign exchange for the main body that has been registered on the market procurement trade platform with the platform information.In order to support foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises to collect foreign exchange for export, the circular stipulates that foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises that meet the technical conditions may, through the bank that has the ability to examine and verify electronic information transactions, handle the formalities of foreign exchange collection for their customers.


The circular also optimized policies in facilitating enterprises to handle foreign exchange business remotely, optimizing the declaration of foreign receipts and payments for small transactions, and continuously tracking the innovation and development of new forms of trade.


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4 / product maintenance can be carried out in the comprehensive bonded area

On May 14, the Ministry of Commerce and the ecological environment, the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a notice on the support of integrated enterprise, in the bonded area to carry out repairs, announcements, support enterprises in the comprehensive free trade zone in maintenance business, comprehensive bonded area enterprises can carry out the aerospace, Marine, rail transportation, engineering machinery, CNC machine tools, communications equipment, precision electronic 55 products repair business.


This will help companies reduce the pressure of overseas after-sales service.Effective as of May 14.


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5 / adjustment of us tax increase on China

On May 21, local time, the office of the United States trade representative (ustr) announced a new batch of us $200 billion of goods under the list of tariff exclusions and amendments: 78 new exclusions;Revision of 6 historical exclusion product descriptions.The exclusion period can be traced back to the effective date of the 200 billion RMB list, namely September 24, 2018, and the application for returning the original tariff levy shall be submitted within 180 days after the exclusion officially takes effect.


On May 12, local time, the office of the United States trade representative (ustr) announced the fourth batch of products to be excluded from the extended tariff period (34 billion yuan), which was scheduled to expire on May 14, 2020.The notice decided to extend the exclusion period from May 14, 2020 to December 31, 2020.There are 40 items in the original list of products excluded in the fourth batch of 34 billion customs duties. Only 13 items have been extended this time, and 27 items have not been extended this time.


On May 8, local time, the office of the United States trade representative (ustr) announced A new batch of products under China's $300 billion list of goods subject to tariffs: 8 new exclusions and 1 revised description of historical exclusions.The effective date of excluding and imposing the levy is: September 1, 2019, solstice, 2020.

Please download the most accurate and complete us tax increase adjustment documents here:



6 / Turkey imposed tariffs on a large number of goods

In an effort to reduce the negative impact of covid-19 on Turkey's economy and protect its industries from import pressure, the Turkish ministry of commerce has been imposing duties of up to 45% on a large number of goods in recent days.


Products subject to tariffs from 21 April 2020: minerals, metals, chemicals, plastics, paper, steel, metals, electrical and electronics, machinery, vehicles, furniture, lighting and other products.

Tariff levy time: from April 21, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Tariff rate: 2.3%-45%


The duties will be imposed from May 12, 2020 on jewelry, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, hardware, building materials, mechanical equipment, sports equipment, sanitary products and other products.

Time and rate of tariff levy: from May 12, 2020 to September 30, 2020, tariff levy of up to 30%;The tariff rate will be lowered to 25% from October 1, 2020.


Tariffs will be imposed on building materials, construction equipment, machinery, auto parts, electrical equipment, steel and steel plates, semi-finished leather, natural cork and cork products, contact lenses, glass and other products with effect from May 20, 2020.

Time and rate of tariff levy: from May 20, 2020 to September 30, 2020, tariff levy of up to 30%;The tariff rate will be lowered from October 1, 2020.


Text of the announcement of Turkish ministry of commerce (in Turkish, which can be sent to customers for confirmation) :



7 / latest anti-dumping alert

The United States made the preliminary hydraulic countervailing countervailing award


On May 20, 2020, the U.S. department of commerce announced a preliminary countervailing countervailing order for imports of Forged Steel Fluid End Blocks from China, Germany, India, and Italy.(1) the subsidy rate was 16.18% for the Chinese sample enterprise Nanjing Develop Advanced Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 22.21% for Shanghai Qinghe Machinery Co., Ltd., 138.53% for non-cooperative enterprises, and 21.57% for other Chinese exporters/producers.(2) the subsidy rate of German exporters/producers is 5.25% ~ 10.04%.(3) the subsidy rate for Indian exporters/producers is 4.69%.(4) the subsidy rate of Italian exporters/producers is 3.05% ~ 43.75%.The Commerce Department is expected to announce the final ruling on September 30, 2020.This case involves some products under the us harmonized tariff codes 7218.91.0030, 7218.99.0030, 7224.90.0015, 7224.90.0045, 7326.19.0010, 7326.90.8688 and 8413.91.9055 (before 2017, the tariff codes of the products involved also included 7326.90.8588).


The United States made a mattress dual industry injury preliminary award


On May 14, 2020, the international trade commission (ITC) voted to make preliminary affirmative anti-dumping industry injury judgments against imports of Mattresses from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam, and countervailing industry injury affirmative preliminary judgments against imports of Mattresses from China.All five members voted in favour of the ruling.The product in question was found to have caused material injury to U.S. domestic industry through alleged government subsidies and dumping.Based on the international trade commission to the affirmative ruling of the products involved in the case, the Commerce Department will continue to imports from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam, Serbia mattress anti-dumping investigation, and on imports from China mattress for countervailing investigation, the Commerce Department is expected to be on the case before June 24, 2020 make a countervailing preliminary, on September 8, 2020 to make a preliminary anti-dumping case.


The European Union has reimposed anti-dumping duties on iron fasteners made by China steel


On 5 May 2020, the European commission (ec) announced the reimposition of anti-dumping duties on certain iron or steel fasteners of Chinese origin re-exported from Malaysia (whether or not indicated as originating in Malaysia) in accordance with the judgment of the European court of common justice (ecj).The eu CN (Combined Nomenclature) codes in question are ex 7318 12 90, ex 7318 14 91, ex 7318 14 99, ex 7318 15 59, ex 7318 15 69, ex 7318 15 81, ex 7318 15 89, ex 7318 15 90, ex 7318 21 00 and ex 7318 22 00.


The United States made the vertical engine and its parts dual industry injury preliminary award


On May 1, 2020, the us international trade commission (ITC) voted To make a preliminary affirmative finding of anti-dumping and countervailing industry injury on imports of Vertical Shaft Engines Between 99cc and 225cc from China (Vertical Shaft Engines Between 99cc and 225ccand Parts Thereof). In the ruling, all 5 commissioners voted affirmative.The product in question was found to have caused material injury to U.S. domestic industry through alleged government subsidies and dumping.Based on the affirmative ruling of the us international trade commission on the products involved in the case in China, the us department of commerce will continue to conduct anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against the products involved in the case in China, with preliminary countervailing and countervailing findings expected by June 11, 2020, and by August 25, 2020.


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