Sea Freight from China to USA
Mar 07,2022

Sea ​​shipment from China to USA route:

1. Far East - North America West Coast route
Sea ​​shipping China to USA This route includes trade shipping lines from China, North Korea, Japan and the Soviet Union's far east seaports to Canada, the United States, Mexico and other ports on the west coast of North America. Departing from various coastal ports in our country, the southerly ones pass through the Osumi Strait and leave the East China Sea; the northerly ones pass through the Tsushima Strait and pass through the Sea of ​​Japan, or enter the Pacific Ocean through the Chongjin Strait, or pass through the Zonggu Strait and enter the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. North Pacific Ocean.

2. Far East - Caribbean, North America East Coast route
Sea ​​shipping from China to USA This route often arrives after the north and south of the Hawaiian Islands to the Panama Canal. Most of the ships departing from coastal ports in the north of our country go out to the East China Sea via the Osumi Strait or Ryukyu Amami Oshima.

china to the us shipping

3. Northwest Europe, the east coast of North America--Mediterranean, Suez Canal--Asia-Pacific routes
Northwest Europe, North America East Asia-Mediterranean-Suez route is the busiest flight segment in the world. It is a shortcut for trade between North America, Northwest Europe and the Asia-Pacific Gulf region. The route generally passes through the terminal on the Azores, Madeira Islands.

4. Persian Gulf--Good Hope--Western Europe, North America route
Ocean Freight China to USA This route is mainly operated by super tankers and is the most important sea oil transportation line in the world.

5. Persian Gulf--Suez Canal--Mediterranean Sea--Western Europe, North America transportation line
China to the us shipping This route can currently pass supertankers with a load of 300,000 tons.

sea shipment from china to usa

6. China to USA Sea Freight Far East - North America route

7. Sea Freight from China to USA Australia, New Zealand - North America route

8. US-Canada route
China to USA shipping includes Canada West Coast Port Vancouver, USA West Coast Port Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Canada East Coast Port Montreal, Toronto, USA East Coast Port New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland and USA Mexico Ports of Mobile, New Orleans, Houston and other ports in the Bay Port. The ports in the US Gulf of Mexico are also part of the US East Coast route.

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